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* Date of Birth: October 30, 1993
* Place of Birth: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
* Birthname: Brett Edward Kelly
* Parents: Edward & Susan Kelly
* Siblings: Jacklyn (b. 1996+-)
* 1st auditioned: When he was about 1 for a Huggies commercial.
* Best Features: Charming smile and shunshine personality
* Likes: Sports (huge hockey fan) and music
* Favorite Movies: Anything with Chris Farley, Tommy Boy, The Replacements, Big Daddy
* Music: Is into classic rock - Pink Floyd, AC/DC, The Who
* Favorite TV Shows: Entourage, The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Office
* Favorite Sport Star: Marcus Naslund, Roberto Luongo - "any Canuck"
* Career Highlights: Bad Santa, The Sandlot 2
* Did TV Commercials for: London Drugs, Huggies
*Would like to work with: Adam Sandler.
* Loves: "...comedic roles. I really like being able to be creative and just ad-lib."
* For his 11th birthday he: "...went to see The Incredibles, if I could give it three thumbs up, I would."
* Coolest person he’s worked with so far: "Billy Bob Thornton. When we were filming Bad Santa he was really cool. He took us behind the scenes at SeaWorld where we could pet the dolphins and feed some of the animals. He was just really nice and always included us in whatever he was doing."

* While filming "The Sandlot 2":"I had to be sent to hospital, just in case. I was wearing an old army helmet for a mask, and all anybody could hear was a really loud 'PING!' - the ball hitting the helmet. I was OK, though."

* Before landing the role on "Bad Santa": "It was down to three kids, me and two others. And then on the day of my screen test, I woke up covered with chickenpox! They said, 'Go home, you have no chance of getting the role,' so we did. The director (Terry Zwigoff) never had chickenpox, so they didn't want me around there. But we got a call back the next week and they said I was being given another chance. I had to bring a doctor's note saying I wasn't contagious anymore."

*About Unaccompanied Minors: "I play a kid named Beef. The premise is that there are a bunch of kids snowed in at an airport over Christmas. It was a lot of fun to shoot. We filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah and I loved being out in the mountains and snow. We all had such a great time there. Wilmer Valderrama was really nice."

* On whether he prefers working in film or TV: "I guess when you have a small part on a TV show its like being the new kid in school. Everyone already knows each other and knows their character really well. On a movie set, everyone is new to the project. It takes a lot longer to film and you all get to know each other really well. Also, you get to go to cool places to film and there's just a lot more variety."

* Advice to young people who want to get into acting: Just be yourself. Don't try to be too flamboyant. Don't try to be too "on". Just be yourself and you might just get the part. You never know what they're looking."

About child actors losing their way as adults: I think they can just go off if their careers don't work out the way they want them to. I'm just going to keep doing this until no one will hire me anymore and then I'll do something else. Maybe I'll be a lawyer or something.
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